Headphones are REQUIRED to play this game.


UP and DOWN ARROWS to navigate menus,

RETURN or ENTER to confirm selections.

MOUSE MOVEMENT and LEFT CLICK is used during gameplay,

ESCAPE KEY to return to the title menu or to quit.

A short and simple game submitted for the "Games for Blind Gamers Game Jam 2",

The aim is to move the mouse to the left and right to catch the falling notes based on the direction of the sound. being in the path of a note increases your score and a multiplier is gained by increasing the combo.  There is scope to make this into a full fledged game if that's is something people would be interested in and I appreciate any feedback either on itch or through one of the social channels found on my profile.   


AudioHero_windows64bit.zip 125 MB


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It's a fun idea, something I'd recommend it trying to get the song a bit more into 3D space, that is doesn't switch so fast from left to right that you can't really know if you pinned it down in front of you.


hi, was there a certain song you played that was like this? I had trouble with a few being right due to them all being from different sources.  

Hi, I had to recheck, and all of them are like this, some bit more recognizable (cuz they're louder) than others. But all the same.
I'm not sure it has to do with being from a different source more than the actual mechanic that puts the song around for the player to center. Like you either hear it from left or from right, but when you try to hear it from your front, it's switching from left to right (or otherway round). as if it's in 2D or something. and I believe it has to do with the 3D space and how your mechanic works. but overall a nice little game!